Natesh led daily Om Namah Shivaya chants at Bhakti Fest 2016

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Natesh has led over 650 kirtan programs and composed about 190 chants.  In addition to over 12 years of ongoing kirtan in Sedona, AZ, Natesh has led kirtan at BhaktiFest, ShaktiFest, and many other festivals and conferences and welcomes more opportunities to lead kirtan at festivals and community events.  He will be making his third consecutive appearance at Bhakti Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA, this September.  More about Natesh on his Bio page.

A Word from Natesh

For those who have developed a deep relationship with the spiritual practice of kirtan, it is like lifeblood or prana - a necessary element for life itself.  For others, perhaps they are drawn to it because it makes them feel good or uplifts them in some way they may not understand.  That latter is how it was for me in the beginning, and for decades now, it is lifeblood.  There is so much Bliss in chanting the Divine Name with an open heart, and it's the easiest path to Liberation!  The Universe took back a chunk of my left middle finger (a major but temporary obstacle to playing guitar!) in late 2013 and more recently I experienced a minor stroke (from which I've almost fully recovered, thankfully!), which also temporarily impacted by ability to play guitar and chant. I thank God/dess with all my heart and soul that I can still chant (and play guitar!)!

For 36 years now I've been deeply impacted by the spiritual practice of kirtan.  In 2013, after over 9 years of leading weekly kirtan in Sedona, I engaged kirtan producer extraordinaire, Ben Leinbach, and a host of very talented vocalists and musicians, to contribute their considerable talents in support of creating my first studio kirtan offering. 

The result was the aptly named Bliss of Kirtan album, which has inspired comments like:

'stunningly beautiful for the ear and for the soul'

'filled with deep bhav'

'blissful, beautiful and a balm for the heart'

'chock full of gorgeousness'

'a lovely and profound offering'

'such rich nectar'

'a realm of enchanted Bliss'

More info on the album is available on the 'Bliss' page.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the album with you and grateful to all the wonderful souls who helped make it a reality and such a beautiful offering to the Divine.

Directly below is an embedded CDBaby music player through which you can purchase the CD or digital download of the album or individual tracks and listen to short excerpts of the tracks.  However, the Bandcamp player on the left (which also appears on all pages of the website) allows you to listen to the full tracks.  You can also use that player to download the album or tracks but to purchase the physical CD, please use the link on the player below. 

If you love your experience of listening to the album and chanting along with it, please tell your friends about it!  One easy way to do that is to use the share buttons on either of the 2 audio players.  Thanks and namaste!


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Natesh has led kirtan at Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest and numerous other festivals. This past year he was chosen to lead daily morning "deep-immersion" Om Namah Shivaya chants at Bhakti Fest and Devi/Ma chants at Shakti Fest.


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