Natesh's incredibly blissful studio album is produced by Ben Leinbach, and features Gina Sala, Joni Allen, Prajna Vieira, Yvette Om and Natesh on main vocals, and instrumental contributions by Ben Leinbach, Benj Clarke, Daniel Paul, Eddie Young, Madan Oak, Monnie Ramsell, Steve Gorn, Steve Oda and Natesh. The album has 8 tracks and close to 80 minutes of beautiful kirtan!  Digital download only.

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Natesh has led kirtan at Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest and numerous other festivals. This past year he was chosen to lead daily morning "deep-immersion" Om Namah Shivaya chants at Bhakti Fest and Devi/Ma chants at Shakti Fest.


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